We have been teaching sailing and renting sailboats since 1997 and each year has seen steady improvements over previous years. In that time, we have taught many adult beginners who have gone on to buy their own boats and many who return to rent boats.

We have also provided captains and instructors for beginning sailors who simply want someone else to sail while they enjoy the bays and harbors of the Twin Forks and the Hamptons. Whether a bareboat sunset cruise or a weeklong trip to Block Island with a captain, we try to make the experience of renting a boat from us, as comfortable and rewarding as possible.

In 2006 we added kayaking rentals and fly fishing instruction and charters to our list of services. We also opened our retail store selling snacks and drinks, ice, bait, clothing and fishing gear. 
 In 2007 we were named an Outstanding Sailing School of the Year by the American Sailing Association. Our head instructor and co-owner Mark Tompkins was also named an Outstanding Instructor of the Year.
 In 2008 we purchased a beautiful ensign that had been cared for on Lake George and is in fantastic shape. In 2008 we added a 27' Catalina sloop to our fleet. 
 In 2009 we bought a 21 foot Parker with a 150 hp outboard engine to use for fishing charters. It was also the year we joined forces with the Ross School Summer Camp and introduced the very popular young peoples sailing program.
 In 2010 we added Coastal Navigation (ASA 105) to Coastal Cruising (ASA103) and Bareboat Charters (ASA104). These courses continue to provide opportunities for our Basic Keelboat students to advance in their education and to avail themselves of charters in the off season. Parents may now book summer programs through Ross.
 In 2011 we were once again named Outstanding School of the Year by the American Sailing Association.
In 2012 we bought and refurbished two more Ensigns, Lysander and Daisy.  We gave Consuela's salon a new set of cushions and Jacomo an instrument package including apparent and true wind speed and direction as well as boat speed, water depth and temps. 
In August of 2013 we bought two more brand new stand up paddle boards bringing our total to five.  Stephen German is our SUP instructor and store manager.
In 2014 we bought three more SUPs, another Yamaha outboard, and three new sails.  We finally found a reservation software system that really works.  Peek.com makes signing up for all of our chartered fishing, sailing and waterspouts activities easy and secure.
in 2015 we will be expanding our summer camp program to include Global Boarding's water sports campers into our sailing program.
Our philosophy is to simply provide the most thorough service we can, while lending our extensive experience to our students and customers. Our mission is to spare our customers the expense and time consumption usually associated with boat ownership while adding the convenience of having access to the water at anytime.